Complete Dental Practice Kit

We know that building your own complete training manual can be daunting so we’ve done some of the hard work for you.

We’ve Got You Covered

Here’s a snippet of the systems and templates included in your subscription:

HR Systems

Writing a Job Advertisement

In-person Interview

Offering a Job

Management Systems

Onboarding a New Hire

Team Meetings

Staff Performance Reviews

Front Office Systems

New Patient Phone Call

Recall System

 Complaints Handling

Clinical Systems

Procedure Set Ups


Infection Control & PPE

Sterilisation Systems

Morning & End of Day Processes

Running Tests

Cleaning & Packing Instruments

Lab Systems

Pouring Up Models

Trimming Models

Fabricating Whitening Trays

“The most successful businesses have the best-trained teams, and the best-trained teams are built on a foundation of clearly defined systems.”

Dr Cigdem Kipel

CEO, Level Up

Training for each role, sorted!

Training pathways for every part of your practice, filled with dozens of skills and templates available to you and your team.

Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant

Front Office Staff

Front Office Staff



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