Frequently Asked Questions

About Level Up

What Is Level Up?

Level Up is an online platform for confident team training and business systemisation. It’s a place to create your protocols and procedures then assign them to your staff for tiered competency training. 

Does it come with preloaded systems or templates?

Level up is primarily for teams building their own systems for their own business. However, YES we’ve included a complete dental practice systems kit written by Dr Cigdem Kipel as part of your subscription. We also have a fillable systems template to help you create your own skills.

How many users should I add?

Level Up works best when everyone is using it. You’ll want your whole team working together as they build your systems library. After writing skills, they’ll be able to mentor each other using a consistent approach. This works when each team member has their own Level Up account.

Can I add videos or pictures? Is there a limit?

Yes you can add all the pictures and videos that you want.

Can I link to external sites?

Yes you can add a links.

Are my practice systems confidential?

Yes these are confidential to you and anyone in your organisation with a login to Level Up. Only those with logins can access your Level Up workspace. 

How do I get started?

First you’ll need to sign up

When you login for the first time, you’ll get a guide tour. If you need to access the tour again, just click on the flag icon on any Level Up page. 

We also offer personal training sessions for your whole team. You can sign up for that here

Is there training available?

Yes we offer personal training sessions for your whole team through zoom conferencing. 

You can also self train by taking the guided product tours accessible through the flag icon on any Level Up page. 

How long will implementation take?

Implementation can start on your first day. You can set up users within 5 minutes and start to get existing skills written up on your Author page. Your Level Up will start to fill up quickly when your team members work together to write and review your skills. 

Does the software work for multiple locations?

Yes, Level Up can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. 

What are the top features for Level Up?

You are building your business’ systems library collaboratively with your team. This will allow you to identify who your experts are, who makes a good mentor, and who is keen to learn new skills.

Level Up keeps everyone accountable for their skills. The bottom of each skill page displays the star levels that everyone has achieved in that skill.

A populated Level Up means consistent training and onboarding for all new staff and amazing refreshers for current staff.

Pricing Questions

How much does it cost?

MONTHLY $69 for the first 5 users + $5 per extra user.
ANNUALLY $745 for first 5 users + $54 per extra user. 10% discount 

You can go to the sign up link and choose the amount of users to show how much it will cost before you decide to sign up.

Do you have a cooling off period?

No. You cancel your subscription at any time.

What are the start-up costs?

There are no start-up costs. You only pay for the subscription.

How is payment taken?

We offer automated credit card payments charged monthly or yearly.

When is payment taken?

Upon subscription and charged monthly or annually depending on your subscription.

How do user increases/decreases affect billing?

You can always upgrade your plan to add additional users whenever you’d like.

User Questions

Are there limits on the number of users?

No, there are no limits on the number of users.

How do I add new users?

You can add new users from the Users page of Level Up. You must be an admin to perform this action.

Tech Questions
What is the turnaround time for getting ‘bugs’ fixed?

We aim to get the bug fixed as soon as we can. Sometimes this can take as little as an hour, other times it can take a couple days.

How often do program updates go out and do you notify the customers?

We aim to push updates multiple times a month and release notes will be made available instantaneously.

How do you notify program updates?

Changes will be posted on our website here.

Is your solution 100% SaaS?


Is it fully cloud-based?

Yes. We utilise fully managed google cloud infrastructure located in Australia with redundancies in case of failures.

What are the system requirements needed for the program to run?

Any modern web browser.

Will you have a mobile app?

No. But it’s mobile friendly as a web app and it’s accessible anywhere.

Is the software development performed in-house?

Yes. The development team are based in Sydney, Australia.