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A clear, structured and reliable training program for your team. Assign skills and track staff progress along the way.

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Using Level Up to achieve your business goals can be as easy as…

Onboard New Staff

1.  Add Users
2. Assign Pathways
3.  Track Progress

Upskill Staff

1.  Document skills
2.  Set competency goals
3.  Mentorship

Revamp Your Business

1.  Implement new processes
2.  Track staff training
3.  Give staff ownership

Transparency is key

Give your staff clarity in their role and your processes so they can function at their best every day.


Competent and engaged staff means accelerated business growth.


Leverage the experts on your team to train others and contribute to the success of your business.

Self-driven training

Simply assign skills to your team and allow your staff to take initiative to reach their competency goals. Their path of growth is clearly defined and their progress is tracked.


New hires and existing staff can efficiently reach their maximum potential without the need to be micromanaged.


Use staff progression as a springboard for continuous team development and improve training strategies.

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