Systems Spotlight: Fabricating Whitening Trays

Written by principle-theorem

August 3, 2021

Systems Spotlight is back with a goodie – Fabricating Whitening Trays! How many times have you heard How much to whiten my teeth?? during your new patient appointments? Well today we tell you step by step how Dr Cigdem Kipel makes her whitening trays.

Fabricating Whitening Trays

What & Why

To fabricate the whitening trays, the impressions must be poured immediately for an accurate mold. Once the mold is set, it should be trimmed to at least ten millimeters above the teeth. Trimming the excess base is necessary for a well-fitting tray. A thin silicone sheet is heated until pliable and then using a vacuum machine it is molded onto the model. It is then allowed to cool thoroughly and neatly trimmed two millimeters above the gumline. It is then packaged along with a tray case, the whitening gel, and instructions.

What you’ll need
  • Thin silicone sheet about 1mm thickness
  • Vacuum machine
  • Stone model
  • Light-curable resin syringe
  • Curing light
  • Nail polish
  • Dental restorative instruments for refinement, such as:
    • Chisel Wedelstaedt
    • Flat plastic
    • Hand scaler
  1. By this point, the model should be nicely trimmed, cleaned, and disinfected.
  2. Remove any air bubbles and excess stone material from the model using your preferred dental instrument.
  3. If bubbles have cause missing parts, fill these in with the resin and smooth out with a flat plastic or alternative dental instrument. Cure with a curing light.
  4. Using the dental instruments, carefully define the margins of the teeth and gums so that it shows more prominently once it has been vacuum sealed with the silicone sheet.
  5. Using the nail polish, coat the labial (front) surface of the teeth. This will help create a barrier between the silicone sheet and the teeth. Allow it to dry.
  6. Place the model onto the platform of the machine.
  7. Take the silicone sheet and secure it in place under the heating element on the machine.
  8. Turn on the heating element and set it up to directly heat the silicone sheet until it is pliable. It is ready once the middle of the sheet starts to droop.
  9. Once the sheet has become perfectly pliable, you’ll want to move quite quickly.
  10. Move the heating element away.
  11. With both hands, push the heated silicone sheet directly down onto the model and turn on the vacuum immediately.
  12. Do not immediately turn off the vacuum, leave it for a few seconds so that the silicone sheet can wrap tightly against the model.
  13. Do not remove the model from the platform until the silicone has cooled down.

Laboratory staff/Dental Assistant and Dentist

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