Not Standardising is Stunting your Business’s GROWTH

Written by principle-theorem

November 23, 2022

Every one of the thousands of processes your practice undertakes is an opportunity to create immense value for your patients. So, if we know how to maximise that value, why would we perform these processes in anyway other than the BEST way? 

This is what we mean by standardisation – performing every single process in the best possible way, to create the best possible outcome. By standardising, we ensure value for our patients, no matter the team member, patient, or any other input. 

The Level Up goal is to help practices move away from taking each situation as it arises, instead moving the mantra toward proactively processing these recurring situations according to a proven set of instructions and protocols. 

YOU want every action to generate a proven business result, as we know many different approaches to the same situation ultimately translates into a lack of control and an increased RISK of poorer outcomes. 

Train your staff to perform each system uniformly with Level Up and you can reap the benefits of maximising the outcome value of every single one of your practice systems. 

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