Are your staff secretly bored?

Bored staff member needs help

Written by principle-theorem

November 26, 2020

Have you ever been completely blindsided by a staff member quitting? It especially hurts when it’s your star performer – you know the one. It’s the person who shows up with a smile on their face and sets the tone for their team. It’s the person you rely on. Then one day, out of the blue they put in their two weeks notice. NOOOOOOO!!! Sorry to break it to you, but your staff left because they were unhappy or more likely BORED.

Your staff need room to grow. You need to give opportunities for them to expand their role or even grow beyond their role. They need to know you value them for more than their rotation of tasks.

How do you cure bored staff?

Regularly schedule staff reviews. This opens up an important dialogue between your staff and their manager to discuss the work that’s being done and any opportunities that might come with it. This time is more valuable than a passing conversation because if both parties take it seriously, your staff member should feel comfortable enough to open up to ask for more responsibility instead of suffering in silence.

Give them projects to complete that sit outside their normal day-to-day. Having staff complete a challenging project increases their personal investment into the business and gets them out of their rut. A new project gives them the opportunity to think differently and gives a welcome escape from their daily routine.

Offer mentorship. Have them choose a mentor who is either above them or sits in a different team. Having this insight will allow the staff member to feel more involved in the business and explore options that might be available to them outside their role. It also builds connection with someone they might not have had the opportunity to engage with before, thus increasing their personal investment into the business.

Level Up can help you cure staff boredom. We are a systemisation software that helps your staff to create protocols and procedures within their role, explore others outside of their role and use it to choose their perfect mentor. Through mentorship, staff are upskilled as they learn procedures and their progress is tracked along the way.

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