How we document our learning using Level Up

Written by principle-theorem

November 30, 2020

When we first started Level Up we saw our target market as the same one that our CEO belongs to – dentists. However Level Up’s first batch of users included us – team Principle Theorem. As Level Up grew it became more and more ingrained into our day. Now, not one thing gets taught without us using Level Up as part of our teaching. Today we’re chatting about how we document our learning with Level Up and why systemising isn’t just for dentists… or fast food chains.

At Principle Theorem we live and breathe the startup life. This means learning quickly and on our feet and often. Level Up offers us a place to document our learning. As we write our new skills, we’re constantly referencing, editing, checking and changing as we see fit. Once we feel like we’ve mastered the skill, we assign it to those who need to be taught. Sometimes it’s everyone, (hello customer service training) but sometimes it’s just one other person. Then the teaching begins! They learn first by reading the skill then going to the designated mentor for any hands on training they might need.

Because we’re learning and doing so much so often, it can be hard to track everyone’s depth of knowledge in a skill. That’s why Level Up’s star system is so handy. The mentor rewards learning with stars which in essence is learning through a competency system. We all know how skilled someone is in anything at any given time. This is perfect for when we’re looking for help, but also for when we need to nudge someone on. (again, hello customer service training!)

Using Level Up to document our procedures and training has created a pretty wonderful mentorship culture in our team as well. We all feel comfortable asking each other for help and everyone is generally happy to teach the others as well.

Level Up has truly changed the way we work together for the better. We started this product thinking of dentists, but can say without a shadow of a doubt it works for any business looking to integrate teaching and learning into their culture.

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