How does Level Up systemise your practice?

Written by principle-theorem

March 30, 2020

Level Up is an online platform where you and your team write then build a library of your practice systems. These systems then become the hub of all your staff training, ensuring quality and consistency across every aspect of your practice.

Systems allow you to capture every opportunity so that your business can operate at it’s full potential.

Why systemise?

For owners, it’s undoubtedly the primary key to growth, profitability and scalability.
For staff, it means clarity in their roles, proper training and having everyone on the same page.
For patients it means fewer risks, higher quality treatment and a consistently better customer experience.

How do you systemise a process?

Simply: define it, write it, then teach it.

Systemisation is made easy with Level Up

Level Up guides you through this; it empowers your team to build the systems and drive the training process for you so that you know that everyone has been trained consistently.

This is how it works:

  1. All of your team members are added to Level Up and divided into their roles
  2. Have your team write their practice systems. They choose which systems (protocols, procedures, instructions) they will take ownership of. Have them define the ‘gold standard’ version of how things should be done. If you need help getting started, check out our Systems Starter List.
  3. A reviewer (you or another capable teammate) will check that the system meets your standards.
  4. The system gets assigned to the teams that need to know it.
  5. Your team then access their individual growth program made up of all the systems related to their role. They learn the systems by reading and doing hands on training with a mentor.
  6. You can track where everyone’s at with their training. Set goals and reward those who’ve levelled up the most!
  7. Enjoy the benefits of a systemised practice

Sounds simple enough right? Book a demo or start with us today!

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