Systems Spotlight – Follow Up Phone Call after Tx

Written by principle-theorem

September 24, 2020

Hi everyone,

The next System we are spotlighting is the all important Follow Up phone call. If you want to provide stellar customer service and get invaluable feedback from your patients, this is a MUST DO!

The follow up phone call allows you to:

  • Check in with your patient
  • Intercept any possible symptoms or issues
  • Receive feedback about their experience

It is a display of excellent customer service that enhances their experience and trust in your team.
It is also an opportunity for you to obtain crucial feedback for service improvement, and it raises the likelihood of positive referrals and reviews.

Here are some steps to get you started:

  1. Every morning, go through your patients from the day before.
  2. Read the clinical notes
  3. Contact the patient
  4. Enter your call notes in the patient’s file

Dr Cigdem Kipel goes more in depth into this skill and includes some tips for success over on Level Up. By signing up, you’ll get this and four other dental based systems for free.

Happy systemising!


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